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For more information on the series, click here. This discounted deal is only available from 6 DEC – 14 DEC 2020. Discounted for the first time, New Lease Of Love is one of the Rainbow Central series stories. The books are loosely based on my 

NEW RELEASE: The Case Of The Ruby Curse

NEW RELEASE: The Case Of The Ruby Curse

Find out more about the Samantha Rain series HERE. THE CASE OF THE RUBY CURSE: 30 NOV 2020 Fresh from the press, the third book in the Samantha Rain Mysteries series! We return to the Nox world, a hidden magical society run by Clans, like 

Why a black cat can change your life

Black cats bring bad luck, according to urban legends. They’re associated with witches and mischief, which might sound damning… But when you’re a paranormal/fantasy author or reader, it’s not really that bad. In fact, it makes them kind of cool!

Black cats are just like any other cats, so why do they get a special post?

Well, according to statistics, black cats have a harder time being adopted. When I learned about that, it made me really sad. I grew up with black cats and I always thought they were the cutest thing. How could anyone not love them? I mean, look at this little guy:

He just melts my heart. I don’t know who this cat is or where he’s from, but I just want to smoosh his little face!

Now, I might be a cat lover, but Lucy (the heroine from the Vampire Detective Series) isn’t. In fact, if you asked her if she wanted a cat, she would’ve told you no. And then Jester showed up.

He’s a black, blind cat that was left on her doorstep as a clue to a big mystery. So technically, Lucy didn’t adopt him. He adopted her and now he lives in the mansion where he wreaks havoc, sleeps in the sun, and eats tasty fish.

Having him in her life has changed her opinion on cats so much, she even wrote down a little list with ten reasons why black cats are awesome. (You can find the other five on Laura Greenwood’s website)

Now that you remember just how much you love (black) cats, you should go and read Fangs For Nothing and fall in love with Jester and all his cheeky tricks!

Read it here:

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NEW RELEASE: The Vampire Detective

    Fangs For Nothing: The Vampire Detective 1 Some would say there are no real uses for vampires left in this world. Children aren’t frightened by them, they won’t open cans with their teeth, and coffins have gone out of style. But some circles, particularly, 

Are you suited to be an Afterlife Assistant?

Are you suited to be an Afterlife Assistant?

Find out what Afterlife Assistant course you’re best suited for and whether you could make it in the esteemed Afterlife Academy. Beware: It’s not for everyone.

No ghostwriters behind Arizona Tape (Sprinkles)

There’s been a whole lot of uproar in the book community about plagiarising, ghostwriters, lawsuits and all that stuff.

I know, I know, I’m late to the party, but I wanted to make one post about it and that’ll be it.

I’m a storyteller and writer at heart. I have metaphorical ink in my veins and carry the seeds of my stories in my head. Every book I write has a part of my soul in it. Every book with my name on is written by me. Except for co-written projects, which are only written half by me and half by the other author I’m working with.

I don’t use ghostwriters because, for me, the best part of being an author is: being a writer.

I come up with characters while riding the bus, I flesh out plots while brushing my teeth. I sit down in front of my laptop for the best part of the day to turn the figments of my imagination into books.

I’m a writer first, author second. I’m not in this business because I think there’s a lot of cash in it. I’m doing what I do because writing is my passion and I want to have a life that celebrates that.

Every book that you buy from me, affects my life directly. It pays my bills, it keeps me from living under a bridge, and it funds my next books.

As a reader, you have the power to support hardworking authors by reviewing their books, by buying them, and by not supporting pirate websites or plagiarising thieves.

If you love books, love the people who make them.

0.99 discount on the Love Pill

🌈🌈Looking for a taste of the rainbow at a steep discount? 🌈🌈 Don’t miss my limited sale on my first book, The Love Pill! Spy Cara Hemlock uses the love pill to seduce her targets — but she never expected to fall for her newest mark: 

Sprinkles and Cakepop (my girlfriend)

I’m a private person, I’ve always been. However, I want to share some more personal things with you, starting with Cakepop, my girlfriend. People might think that being an author is a lonely career, but there are a surprising amount of people involved, behind the 

Hello, world! (Introducing Sprinkles, the rainbow bat)

If you’ve been following the rainbow bat, you know it’s my personal bat signal for rainbow content. Now I’ve taken this a step further and I’m introducing, Sprinkles. This little rainbow bat will come attached with some of my more personal stories. Most of them will be related to my own lgbt experience, but I might venture out.

I haven’t decided those topics yet, but I’m open to suggestions so if there’s something specific you’d like me to talk about: ask away!

For now, a little list of things about me 🙂

– My favourite colour is red.

– I identify as bi and I’m currently in a relationship with a girl.

– I’ve recently moved to the UK. (And I’ll just say it now, wow, the Brits are weird.)

– My favourite food is Chinese (which to my ancestors is just called… food)

– I love making puns and wordplay. (Haha, surprise, I’m a writer!)

– I can play both the piano and the harp.

– I’ve been drawing my entire life. (Like: Sprinkles!)

– I have one sibling.

– Mr. Plant, my cactus, might be dead… (R.I.P.)

– I loathe, loathe, loathe doing the dishes.

– I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 17 and in college.

I have loads more stories, but I’ll dive into those when I do topic-based blog posts. I have “coming out the closet” and “Depression and parties” planned, but I’d love to hear some suggestions!

– Ari

The gold of 2018

2019. The first Harry Potter book was published over 21 years back. We’re closer to 2030 than 2000. We’ve lived with Facebook for 15 years now and have been swiping left on Tinder for almost 7 years. That first step on the moon? 50 years