About Ari

A creator at heart, Ari has always been in love with the idea of turning nothing into something. Whether it’s dragons and vampires or princesses and students, she always knows where to find the romance.

Currently living in the United Kingdom with her girlfriend, Ari is a citizen of the world and loves discovering new cultures. Luckily, her crazy imagination lets her discover places she’s never been to, meet people that don’t exist, and talk to readers from all over the world.

Ari loves:

  • Cooking and eating.
  • Reading (whenever she has time for it)
  • Anime and manga.
  • Video and board games.
  • Drawing.
  • Aaaaaalll the swag.
  • Talking to her readers!

A little list of achievements:

  • Ari is a USA Today Bestselling Author that loves to write all kinds of genres, but her heart belongs to lesbian romance.
  • Twisted Games won a reader award for best LGBT book of 2018 by Lelene Service.
  • Soulswap (with Laura Greenwood) placed third in a reader award for best LGBT book of 2018 by Virtual FantasyCon Awards.


Write here for complaints, jokes, emails, errors in books, or anything else: arizonatape@arizonatape.com

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