COMING SOON: The Hellhound Growl (The Griffin Sanctuary #8)

COMING SOON: The Hellhound Growl (The Griffin Sanctuary #8)


A new variety of hellhound has landed in the Griffin Sanctuary and it’s causing trouble with the other animals and starting fires. Charlotte and the team of experts will have to try every trick in the book to look after this strange hellhound while making sure the entire sanctuary doesn’t go up in flames.
The Hellhound Growl is book 8 in the modern fantasy Griffin Sanctuary series. It is packed full of adventure, mythical creatures, and a sapphic romantic sub-plot.

If you enjoy mythical creatures, zoo documentaries, slow burn sapphic romantic sub-plots, and a heroine who loves animals, you’re going to love The Unicorn Herd.



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The Griffin Sanctuary

  1. The Unicorn Herd
  2. The Phoenix Nest
  3. The Kitsune Giggle
  4. The Dragon Lantern
  5. The Sphinx Pride
  6. The Griffin Flock
  7. The Kelpie Crisis

Coming soon:

8. The Hellhound growl

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