OUT NOW: Duty Of The Winter Wolf (Guardian Of The Winter Stone #1)

OUT NOW: Duty Of The Winter Wolf (Guardian Of The Winter Stone #1)

Release date: 24 June 2024

Series: Guardian Of The Winter Wolf #1

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Pairing: F/F (with M/F love triangle)

Steam Level: 2/5

Keywords: wolf shifter, fated mates, found family, wolf pack, epic quest 

Last book in the series: No

After twenty years of being an outcast in her Wolf Clan, Akira finds herself chosen for the greatest honour possible. She’s to become a Guardian Wolf. Suspiciously, a sacred relic needed to complete the ritual has gone missing.
Suddenly it’s her duty to retrieve it. Alone.
When she sets off on her journey across continent, she couldn’t be less prepared for the perilous and traitorous nature of her quest. An odd group of lone wolves quickly take her in and two of them even claim to be her fated mate, but can they really be trusted? Akira will have to find out the hard way.
Duty Of The Guardian Wolf is the first book in the Guardian Of The Winter Stone series and is an epic fantasy with romance, wolf shifters, and fated mates. It has themes of found family, redemption, and a romantic plot where Akira must choose between her enchanting true mate and a growly alpha wolf. 


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This book is available for request in most public libraries. Check with your local library whether they already have it in their catalogue or how to request it if they don’t.

Guardian Of The Winter Stone

  1.  Duty Of The Guardian Wolf
  2. Choice Of The Winter Wolf

More books coming soon!

This series was previously published as My Winter Wolf but has gone through a substantial rework and update. You can still purchase the My Winter Wolf complete boxed set here.

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