COMING SOON: The Tea Witch’s Promise (Purple Oak Oasis #1)

COMING SOON: The Tea Witch’s Promise (Purple Oak Oasis #1)

Release date:  December 2024

Series: Purple Oak Oasis #1

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Pairing: M/F

Steam Level: 2/5 

Keywords: friends to lovers, unusual shifters, brother’s best friend

Last book in the series: No


Katie has always had a thing for her brother’s best friend, but the alliance between their families has always held her back from acting on it. But now things are changing, and it’s becoming impossible for her to ignore him.

Brew is supposed to be focusing on his family and the tea supply needed to feed their magic, but he keeps finding himself distracted by Katie, and the promise he made his best friend that he’d protect her.

Will they continue to ignore their feelings? Or can they find a way to be together?

The Tea Witch’s Promise is a cosy fantasy romance with a brother’s best friend m/f romance, an adorable and energetic collie, unusual magic, a modern feel, and a happy ever after.


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This book is available for request in most public libraries. Check with your local library whether they already have it in their catalogue or how to request it if they don’t.

Purple Oasis Books

  1. Shifter’s Heart
  2. Witch’s Lesson
  3. Shifter’s Memory
  4. Witch’s Truth
  5. Nymph’s Storm
  6. Shifter’s Escape
  7. Witch’s Warning
  8. Mer’s Journey
  9. Familiar’s Bond
  10. Mage’s Library

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