OUT NOW: The Griffin Flock (The Griffin Sanctuary #6)

OUT NOW: The Griffin Flock (The Griffin Sanctuary #6)

Release date: 19 November 2023

Series: The Griffin Sanctuary

Genre: Modern Fantasy

Pairing: F/F

Steam Level: N/A 

Keywords: mythical animals, veterinarian, zoo, griffins

Last book in the series: No

Can the Griffin Sanctuary take on more mythical animals?

All of Charlotte’s previous experience working as an apprentice veterinarian at the Griffin Sanctuary is put to the test when a massive collection of illegal mythical animals is dismantled. Unicorns, kitsunes, dragons, griffins, and many more all need new homes. She’ll have to work together with friend and frenemy to make it happen, not an easy feat when everyone is already overworked, tired, and has their own motives for which animals they want to keep.

With the overwhelming amount of animals that need her help and an upcoming evaluation that will determine her future at the Griffin Sanctuary, Charlotte is going to be busier than ever.
The Griffin Flock is book 6 in the Griffin Sanctuary series about apprentice veterinarian Charlotte as she learns how to care and handle mythical animals. Every book has a new animal case and can be read out of order. The series contains a slow-burn sapphic romance.

If you enjoy mythical creatures, zoo documentaries, slow burn sapphic romantic sub-plots, and a heroine who loves animals, start The Griffin Sanctuary series with The Unicorn Herd.



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This book is available for request in most public libraries. Check with your local library whether they already have it in their catalogue or how to request it if they don’t.

The Griffin Sanctuary

  1. The Unicorn Herd
  2. The Phoenix Nest
  3. The Kitsune Giggle
  4. The Dragon Lantern
  5. The Sphinx Pride
  6. The Griffin Flock
  7. The Kelpie Crisis

Coming soon:

8. The Hellhound growl

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