OUT NOW: Witch’s Frost (Purple Oasis)

OUT NOW: Witch’s Frost (Purple Oasis)

Purple Oasis Side Story (co-written with Laura Greenwood).

With winter coming, tea witch Amelia and the other residents of Purple Oasis are preparing to protect their precious tea crops.

As a frost nymph, Matisse has been waiting for winter so he can head back to the Oasis and finally ask Amelia to go on a date with him.

But before they can attend to matters of their hearts, they have a job to do. Can they protect the saplings from the incoming frosts?

Witch’s Frost is part of the Purple Oasis series. It is a standalone m/f paranormal romance set in a post-apocalyptic world that’s starting to rebuild.

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Purple Oasis Books

  1. Shifter’s Heart
  2. Witch’s Lesson
  3. Shifter’s Memory
  4. Witch’s Truth
  5. Nymph’s Storm
  6. Shifter’s Escape
  7. Witch’s Warning
  8. Mer’s Journey
  9. Familiar’s Bond
  10. Mage’s Library

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