OUT NOW: Caught With Zeus (Queens Of Olympus #8)

OUT NOW: Caught With Zeus (Queens Of Olympus #8)

Release date: March 2024

Series: Queens Of Olympus

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Pairing: F/F

Steam Level: 2/5 

Keywords: Greek gods, mythology, friends to lovers, celebrity, gossip

Last book in the series: No


As the current Zeus, Alexa isn’t particularly fond of the god of gods’ unsavoury reputation. Instead of mindless parties and scandalous adventures, she’s determined to restore some of the temple’s former glory. Unfortunately, the press doesn’t agree with her modern approach. They want gossip and don’t care if they have to fabricate it.
Caught With Zeus is a twist on the classic Greek myth of Zeus with a sapphic romance. It’s part of the Queens of Olympus series following various heroines in classic Greek God and Goddess retellings.



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This book is available for request in most public libraries. Check with your local library whether they already have it in their catalogue or how to request it if they don’t.

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  8. Caught With Zeus
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