OUT NOW: Burden Of Hecate (Queens Of Olympus #5)

OUT NOW: Burden Of Hecate (Queens Of Olympus #5)

Queens Of Olympus #5.

The goddess of witchcraft has a secret. She can no longer do magic.

Having served in her position for two hundred years, Hecate’s responsibilities are piling up, and she has no way to regain control, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by Zeus’ temple.

As a priestess of Zeus, Ariana has been sent to convince Hecate to step down, and if she can’t, she has to find a reason to fire her. But the more she sees Hecate in action, the less certain she is that it’s the right path.

Can the two of them find a compromise that will satisfy both Hecate and Zeus’ temple?

Burden Of Hecate takes inspiration from classic Greek mythology and puts a twist on the stories about Hecate. This slow burn workplace f/f romance can be read as a standalone and is part of the Queens of Olympus series.

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Queens Of Olympus
  1. Trouble In Hades
  2. Apple From Aphrodite
  3. Harvest Of Dionysus
  4. Council Of Poseidon
  5. Burden Of Hecate
  6. Secrets Of Hermes
  7. Flowers For Pandora
  8. Caught With Zeus
  9. Hunt For Artemis


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