OUT NOW: The Griffin Mission (The Griffin Sanctuary Prequel)

OUT NOW: The Griffin Mission (The Griffin Sanctuary Prequel)

The Griffin Sanctuary Prequel.

Ella’s life is decidedly normal… until she finds an injured winged cat in her kitchen.

She soon finds herself whisked away to a world where all the mythical creatures she’s read about are real, and discovers the winged cat isn’t a hallucination, it’s a miniature griffin.

Alongside the charming and dedicated Starlise, she learns the best way to care for griffins and what it means to be part of something bigger.


The Griffin Mission is a modern fantasy prequel to the Griffin Sanctuary series. It is packed full of adventure, mythical creatures, and an f/f romantic sub-plot.


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The Griffin Sanctuary

  1. The Unicorn Herd
  2. The Phoenix Nest
  3. The Kitsune Giggle
  4. The Dragon Lantern
  5. The Sphinx Pride
  6. The Griffin Flock
  7. The Kelpie Crisis

Coming soon:

8. The Hellhound growl

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