OUT NOW: Wolf’s Howl (My Winter Wolf #3)

OUT NOW: Wolf’s Howl (My Winter Wolf #3)

My Winter Wolf #3.

The Winter Stone is finally within Akira’s reach, but with it comes a great burden. Even with her mating bond with Ashleigh secured, Akira isn’t free from heartache. The Winter Stone requires a sacrifice, and not one that she wants to make.

When the wolf howls, Akira will have a destiny to fulfil. So long as it isn’t taken from her…
Wolf’s Echo is the third and final book in the completed fantasy trilogy, My Winter Wolf. It is filled with action, love, friendship, and sacrifice with an f/f relationship at the centre. Books should be read in order.

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My Winter Wolf
  1. Wolf’s Whisper
  2. Wolf’s Echo
  3. Wolf’s Howl

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