OUT NOW: Wings Of Grief (FREE)

OUT NOW: Wings Of Grief (FREE)

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Var’s dream has always been out of reach, but when he falls for a Valkyrie, he learns to live with that. Until a twist of fate changes everything.

Is getting what he’s always wanted worth losing the thing he loves the most?

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Wings Of Grief is best read between books 2 and 3 of the Afterlife Academy: Valkyrie series.




Rest Of The Series

  1. Valkyrie 101
  2. Valkyrie 102
  3. Valkyrie 103
  4. Valkyrie 104
  5. Valkyrie 105
  6. Valkyrie 106
  7. Valkyrie 107
  8. Wings Of Grief (side story)
  1. Valkyrie’s Oath
  2. Valkyrie’s Choice


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