Book List

The Griffin Sanctuary (urban fantasy, f/f romance)

The Griffin Sanctuary

  1. The Unicorn Herd
  2. The Phoenix Nest
  3. The Kitsune Giggle
  4. The Dragon Lantern
  5. The Sphinx Pride
  6. The Griffin Flock
  7. The Kelpie Crisis

Coming soon:

8. The Hellhound growl

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The Crescent Lake Shifters (paranormal shifter romance, f/f romance)

Crescent Lake Shifters

  1. Her Rival Dragon Mate
  2. Her Festive Dragon Mate
  3. Her Fake Dragon Mate
  4. Her Overlooked Dragon Mate
  5. Her Summer Dragon Mate
  6. Her Sporty Dragon Mate

Coming Soon

More books coming soon!

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The Crescent Lake Bears (paranormal shifter romance, f/f romance)

Crescent Lake Bears

  1. Her Lumberjack Bear Mate
  2. Her Breakfast Bear Mate
  3. Her Mechanic Bear Mate
  4. Her Painter Bear Mate
  5. Her Embarrassed Bear Mate

More books coming soon!

The Crescent Lake Bears is set in the same world as the Crescent Lake Shifters.

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Queens Of The Underworld (paranormal romance, f/f romance)

Queens Of Olympus
  1. Trouble In Hades
  2. Apple From Aphrodite
  3. Harvest Of Dionysus
  4. Council Of Poseidon
  5. Burden Of Hecate
  6. Secrets Of Hermes
  7. Flowers For Pandora
  8. Caught With Zeus
  9. Hunt For Artemis


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Guardian Of The Winter Stone (paranormal romance, f/f romance)

Guardian Of The Winter Stone

  1.  Duty Of The Guardian Wolf
  2. Choice Of The Winter Wolf

More books coming soon!

This series was previously published as My Winter Wolf but has gone through a substantial rework and update. You can still purchase the My Winter Wolf complete boxed set here.


Amethyst’s Wand Shop Mysteries, co-written with Laura Greenwood (urban fantasy, m/f romance)

The Amethyst Wand Shop Mysteries Books:

  1. Hexes And Vexes
  2. Witches And Stitches
  3. Rites And Knights
  4. Sparks And Marks
  5. Doom And Broom
  6. Potions And Oceans
  7. Rhymes And Crimes
  8. Spells And Bells
  9. Trials And Vials
  10. Cruises And Bruises
  11. Ties And Alibis
  12. Breaks And Mistakes
  13. Sessions And Confessions (pre-order)

This series is currently ongoing which means books will become available for pre-order soon!

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Purple Oasis, co-written with Laura Greenwood (paranormal romance, mixed romance types)

Purple Oasis Books

  1. Shifter’s Heart
  2. Witch’s Lesson
  3. Shifter’s Memory
  4. Witch’s Truth
  5. Nymph’s Storm
  6. Shifter’s Escape
  7. Witch’s Warning
  8. Mer’s Journey
  9. Familiar’s Bond
  10. Mage’s Library

Coming Soon



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The Forked Tail (urban fantasy, f/f romance)

The Forked Tail

  1. A Touch Of Wrath
  2. A Swirl Of Pride
  3. A Splash Of Envy
  4. A Hint Of Gluttony
  5. A Sprinkle Of Greed
  6. A Drop Of Sloth

More books coming soon!


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The Afterlife Academy (urban fantasy academy, f/f romance, complete series)

  1. Valkyrie 101
  2. Valkyrie 102
  3. Valkyrie 103
  4. Valkyrie 104
  5. Valkyrie 105
  6. Valkyrie 106
  7. Valkyrie 107
  8. Valkyrie’s Oath
  9. Valkyrie’s Choice


The Samantha Rain Mysteries (urban fantasy, f/f romance, complete series)

  1. The Case Of The Night Mark
  2. The Case Of The Pixie Deal
  3. The Case Of The Ruby Curse 


The Hybrid Festival (paranormal vampire romance, f/f romance)

The Hybrid Festival

  1. Last Human
  2. Blood Kindness

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Rainbow Central (contemporary romance, f/f romance)

  1. Love For The Holidays
  2. Please Be My Love
  3. New Lease Of Love
  4. Love Is For Later


Aliens & Animals, co-written with Skye MacKinnon (alien romance, f/f romance)

The Vampire Detective, co-written with Laura Greenwood (urban fantasy, poly romance, complete series)

  1. Fangs For Nothing
  2. What The Fangs
  3. Fangs For All