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This discounted deal is only available from 6 DEC – 14 DEC 2020.

Discounted for the first time, New Lease Of Love is one of the Rainbow Central series stories. The books are loosely based on my student time. Drinking, dancing, and flirting. You’ll find some of my fondness for deep conversations sitting on the pavement in this story and a kind of romance that (hopefully) leaves you rooting for both of the girls, Quinn and Olivia.

This is what the story is about:

Desperate for a job, Quinn starts working at Rainbow Central, a down-on-its-luck LGBT bar run by Olivia. Different in upbringing, age, and experience, the two find they have surprisingly much in common and unite as they work to make the bar popular again. It doesn’t take very long before adversity finds them. Olivia’s problem with the bottom of the bottle and Quinn’s overbearing dad are only some of the issue the two have to face. Can their unconventional love survive or will it end in heartbreak and bankruptcy?


New Lease Of Love is a contemporary WLW romance and is part of a series of standalone books. It can be read entirely on its own, just like the sequels. 

It’s available on most major retailers and discounted from $2.99 to $0.99 or your country’s currency equivalent. I really hope you give this story a try!

You can find it direct on your favourite retailer or use this universal link if you don’t trust buttons: https://books2read.com/newleaseoflove

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