Crescent Lake Shifters Series

The Crescent Lake Shifters is a series of standalone paranormal romances with dragon shifters and bear shifters. You can expect all sorts of stories in this series, ranging from rivalling lawyers, grumpy/sunshine meet-cutes over the holidays, fake romances, and many more.

Every book has its own couple and a happy ending. 

SERIES INFORMATION Genre: Paranormal Romance with dragon shifters & bear shifters

Pairing: F/F

Steam Level: 3/5 (a bit of heat but no explicit language)

Setting: A made-up town in the United Kingdom

Status: Ongoing

Availability: All major retailers and most public libraries

Crescent Lake Shifters: A Paranormal Romance Series (Ongoing)

Crescent Lake Bears: A Paranormal Romance Series (Ongoing)

Coming soon in the Crescent Lake Shifters series:

Coming soon in the Crescent Lake Bears series:




Crescent Lake Shifters

  1. Her Rival Dragon Mate
  2. Her Festive Dragon Mate
  3. Her Fake Dragon Mate
  4. Her Overlooked Dragon Mate
  5. Her Summer Dragon Mate
  6. Her Sporty Dragon Mate

Coming Soon

More books coming soon!

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Crescent Lake Bears

  1. Her Lumberjack Bear Mate
  2. Her Breakfast Bear Mate
  3. Her Mechanic Bear Mate
  4. Her Painter Bear Mate
  5. Her Embarrassed Bear Mate

More books coming soon!

The Crescent Lake Bears is set in the same world as the Crescent Lake Shifters.

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