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0.99 discount on the Love Pill

🌈🌈Looking for a taste of the rainbow at a steep discount? 🌈🌈 Don’t miss my limited sale on my first book, The Love Pill! Spy Cara Hemlock uses the love pill to seduce her targets — but she never expected to fall for her newest mark: 

Hello, world! (Introducing Sprinkles, the rainbow bat)

If you’ve been following the rainbow bat, you know it’s my personal bat signal for rainbow content. Now I’ve taken this a step further and I’m introducing, Sprinkles. This little rainbow bat will come attached with some of my more personal stories. Most of them 

The gold of 2018


The first Harry Potter book was published over 21 years back. We’re closer to 2030 than 2000. We’ve lived with Facebook for 15 years now and have been swiping left on Tinder for almost 7 years. That first step on the moon? 50 years ago!

I wasn’t ready for that… I’m never ready for when the number changes and the year turns. And every year, I say: “This year is going to be my year”.

Guess what? For the most part, 2018 was my year. Truly!

I fell into a new relationship with the most wonderful person and found my own slice of romance that rivals any of the stories I write. I moved countries and planted my temporary flag (damn you, Brexit) in the United Kingdom. Something I’ve been wanting for a long time.

I upgraded from a small studio to a nice apartment that despite the complications, is a lovely home. I set up my graphic design business Vampari and wrote a lot more books and stories. 

I inspired and I was inspired. I won two reader awards for something I’m truly passionate about; bringing more lesbian books into this world and writing stories that make people laugh, cry, and think. Being recognised in a category like that is just… Something you never think will actually happen. I don’t like bragging about my achievements because it always feels like showing off, but I’d like to work on that too. To stay humble, but not brush my own success away. 

So… In that spirit:

  • I became a USA Today Bestselling Author today, one of the big achievements for authordom
  • I won the 2018 bronze award from Virtual FantasyCon for best F/F book with my amazing co-author Laura Greenwood for Soulswap.
  • I won the 2018 gold award for best F/F book from Lelene Services for Twisted Games, one of my latest lesbian releases.

But there was more to my year than professional triumphs. 2018 was the first year that I didn’t have to say goodbye to any friends, whether that was because we grew apart or broke apart. My new relationship blossomed into something strong and loving that’s filled with support, kindness, and shared passions. I pushed past a lot of my own fears and surprised myself with what I can do and achieve.

2018 put a spotlight on what I truly want from life and even if it’s with falling and getting up, I’m going for gold. This year will be even better.

A couple of things you can expect from me in 2019

  • I will write more lesbian romances than ever. The best way to stay up to date on what I’m planning to write is to join my Facebook group or subscribe to my Newsletter.
  • I will make more book swag to give away to my readers
  • There will be a free book to read, right here on my website. This is something that’s in the works
  • I’m completely reworking my ARC team and I will open up places for those readers that like reviewing.
  • I will put my heart and soul in every book I write. 
  • I will reinvent myself and become a better person, author, friend, partner, daughter, sister, and bat shifter. Because right now, I’m rubbish at turning into a bat.
  • I will keep fighting to reach as many people as I can with my words. If you’re reading this right now, I’m already succeeding at that.

Loads of things that I’m planning for the new year and hopefully, you stick around to see it. I hope you’ve said a fond farewell to 2018 and are ready to make this year, your year. Because I sure will.

Your writer, 







My Own Human

My Own Human is Arizona Tape’s most popular series. If you’re looking for an intricate and beautiful romance between vampire and human, you won’t be disappointed. Ade and Heather’s romance dances on the edge between their two civilisations. Their love isn’t just forbidden, it’s impossible. 

Achievement unlocked: USA Today Bestselling Author

Wednesday 12 September 2018 Today marks the day that Royal&Reckless hit the USA Today Bestselling List at #125! To celebrate there was champagne, tipsy Ari, and a bunch of updated graphics. In gaming fashion, we’ll call this “Achievement unlocked”! Buy it now and read Twisted