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Why a black cat can change your life

Black cats bring bad luck, according to urban legends. They’re associated with witches and mischief, which might sound damning… But when you’re a paranormal/fantasy author or reader, it’s not really that bad. In fact, it makes them kind of cool! Black cats are just like 

The Afterlife Academy: Valkyrie (ongoing)

The Afterlife Academy specialises in teaching paranormals how to help human souls pass onto the next phase, whether that’s by guiding them gently, preparing them for rebirth, or cutting them loose with a scythe. Part of becoming a Valkyrie includes learning how to: – Open 

NEW RELEASE: The Vampire Detective


  Fangs For Nothing: The Vampire Detective 1

Some would say there are no real uses for vampires left in this world. Children aren’t frightened by them, they won’t open cans with their teeth, and coffins have gone out of style.

But some circles, particularly, vampire circles, would disagree with you.

Lucy Corentine is a vampire of old, born in one of the noble houses of high vampire society. Heir to the vampire court (when her grandmother kicks the bucket) and unwilling owner of Jester, a black cat.

In a new series, The Vampire Detective, Laura and I will take you to unravel a mystery. Some small and easy, some funny and ridiculous, and one really big one.

Between navigating the vampire underworld, Lucy will also figure out how to deal with her hundred-year engagement, which could’ve been entirely avoided if William just proposed on time.

She might start dating a quirky inventory, who happens to be the brother of Marcus, the half-vampire that’s dating Zara, the bartender in Dragon Soul.

We’ll have a rival PI/childhood best friend that rubs her up the wrong way. (And maybe later, the right way, if you know what I mean.)

And lastly, a human addition in the form of a blood slave. Highly illegal, but according to her mother, also very middle class. So, you know. Win some, lose some.

Join us on this rollercoaster of a ride that’ll have you laughing out loud from the absurd situations, funny puns, and ridiculous events. You’ll be pleased to find recurring characters and familiar places from our Twin Soul universe, like Marcus and Dragon Soul. If you’ve read The Renegade Dragons or Twin Soul, you’ll certainly find some easter eggs, but you don’t need the prior knowledge to fully enjoy this stand-alone series.

This is a slow-burn polyamourous paranormal mystery romance. The love interests are one woman and three men, all in an equal relationship with Lucy. (Or at least, they’ll get there)

Start reading The Vampire Detective now with the first book: Fangs For Nothing.

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0.99 discount on the Love Pill

🌈🌈Looking for a taste of the rainbow at a steep discount? 🌈🌈 Don’t miss my limited sale on my first book, The Love Pill! Spy Cara Hemlock uses the love pill to seduce her targets — but she never expected to fall for her newest mark: 

Not Today: Chapter 1

A lesbian romance BY ARIZONA TAPE I stared at the flyer in my hand and followed the laughing and dancing people down the street. It was surprisingly crowded for a regular Monday evening, but it didn’t feel like a different scene than the usual nights. 

The Love Pill

Arizona’s first book was quite a hit on Wattpad and it was the Love Pill that made her decide to turn writing into a career.

Read over 30 000 times, The Love Pill is a beautiful romance that will have you rooting for Cara many times over as she tries to win over Lexi.

Read the book that started Ari’s career and lose yourself in a bittersweet romance.

What if you had a pill that could change attraction into love?

Female spy, Cara, has no qualms using the love pill to get information from her targets. But this time, it’s different. This time, she actually likes the one she has to go after. Problem? Her target is a woman and Cara doesn’t swing that way. Or does she?

The Love Pill is a lesbian romance filled with self-discovery, acceptance of changing sexuality, and a lot of sweet moments. This book will make you hunger for that human connection and restore your faith in love.

“Arizona Tape presents the impeccable balance of angst, self-discovery, intrigue, tears, hope, and love in her book “The Love Pill.” This story entertains and inspires, as a well-written romance should. Arizona Tape is not afraid to tackle the concept that, despite even our own definitions of self, love is love. “ K. Paulson.