CONGRATULATIONS: You’re a Shinigami


You have an appreciation for the simple things in life and know that patience leads to happiness. You deeply care about the world but aren’t always certain how to show those feelings.

You’re best suited for our Shinigami programme, in which you’ll learn how to travel to the Land of Darkness, bring peace to the souls of the departed, and prepare for a life of servitude.

Beware, the Afterlife Academy has been home to many Shinigami students and as such, you might find yourself acquiring a dust bunny as a companion. We advise you not to bring your own pet since the dormitories aren’t spacious enough.

In the Afterlife Academy, we take great pride in only training the best. As such, we only accept a select few for our Shinigami course.

Please use this as an acceptance of your admission to our esteemed school. In preparation for your studies, you can have a look inside Valkyrie 101.




— Headmistress MacKinnon

Afterlife Academy

The Dead Rely On Us