Congratulations: You’re a Reaper

With a great sense of responsibility and pride, you take care of those around you. You are not afraid of dirty work and are described as a hard worker.

You’re best suited for our Reaper programme, in which you’ll take care of the Forgotten, learn to wield a Scythe, and be the main driving force in Afterlife care.

As part of this course, a personal Scythe will be forged for you and you alone. We advise you to bring one sentimental trinket from home to aid in this process.

In the Afterlife Academy, we take great pride in only training the best. As such, we only accept a select few for our Reaper course.

Please use this as an acceptance of your admission to our esteemed school. In preparation for your studies, you can have a look inside Valkyrie 101.




— Headmistress MacKinnon

Afterlife Academy

The Dead Rely On Us