Congratulations: You’re a Banshee

You have an affinity for the Irish and Scottish clans and enjoy spending time among those humans, more so than any other elementals. You like being around people, as long as you’re not the centre of attention.

You’re best suited for our Banshee programme, in which you’ll swear the Oath of Silence, be assigned your own clan to guard, and travel to the Otherworld.

In addition, you’ll find we’ve assigned extra tutors for sign language and human etiquette to the Banshee to prepare you for your life of silence.

In the Afterlife Academy, we take great pride in only training the best. As such, we only accept a select few for our Banshee course.

Please use this as an acceptance of your admission to our esteemed school. In preparation for your studies, you can have a look inside Valkyrie 101.




— Headmistress MacKinnon

Afterlife Academy

The Dead Rely On Us