Congratulations: You’re an Angel

You’re one of the rare few that can see both the good and bad in someone. You have a strong opinion about everything, but underneath it all, you deeply care.

You’re best suited for our Angel programme, in which you’ll bring the dead to Purgatory, grow your inner wings, and take care of the broken souls.

Exclusively to the Angel course, you can opt in to take an extra Healer module. As a doctor of the dead, you’ll be learning how to steer souls back into their bodies and resurrect the departed.

In the Afterlife Academy, we take great pride in only training the best. As such, we only accept a select few for our Angel course.

Please use this as an acceptance of your admission to our esteemed school. In preparation for your studies, you can have a look inside Valkyrie 101.




— Headmistress MacKinnon

Afterlife Academy

The Dead Rely On Us