Nox Clans

Humans thrive during the day, but the Nox come out at night to play.

A supernatural race, the Nox live secretly among humans. They love the dark, are most active during the night, and derive their powers from the moon, stars, and shadow.

They prefer to sleep in, have their highest productivity levels when the sun goes down, and can’t stand being out in the sun for too long.

Does that sound familiar?

Maybe you have night blood in your veins. You can take a test to find out!

The Nox live in hierarchical clans or families that govern and own their own territories. To humans, these territories and boundaries aren’t clear, but every Nox knows exactly where those lines are.

While every clan is bound by the Law Of Six, they can make up their own set of sub-laws, rules, and punishments for their people and territory.

Currently, there are six known clans, each with different species of Nox.

Clan IF

Species: Will-O-Wisp

Family Name: Fatuus

Moto: A Fool Is A Fool.

Powers: Control over blue fire, hypnosis with light

Known members: Lilith, Harry (traitor)


Clan Gravita

Species: Vampires

Family Name: Gravita

Moto: Blood For Blood.

Powers: Control people and things by gravity

Known Members:

  • C Branch: Catalina, Carlos, Casper

Clan Lunatrix

Species: Moon Hares

Family Name: Trix

Moto: The Moon Speaks The Truth.

Powers: Can become invisible in the moonlight

Known Members: No known members

Clan Sterre

Species: Sterlight

Family Name: Sterren

Moto: All Stars Must Shine.

Powers: They can see the future, read emotions by touching someone, and turn into stardust when they die.

Known Members: No known members

 Clan Stygg

Species: Nixie

Family Name:

Moto: See, Hear, See Again.

Powers: Spellcasters, affinity with night mares, and their milestones appear on their skin like tattoos.

Known Members: No known members

Clan Umbra

Species: Shades

Family Name: Umbra

Moto: The Dark Reveals.

Powers: They can influence the real world by manipulating shadows

Known Members: No known members


Species: Human

Family Name: N/A

Moto: N/A

Powers: Depends on the night animal they’re bound with. As Wardens, they can choose which clan to align themselves with and they can freely cross territories.

Known Members: Samantha Rain