Why a black cat can change your life

Black cats bring bad luck, according to urban legends. They’re associated with witches and mischief, which might sound damning… But when you’re a paranormal/fantasy author or reader, it’s not really that bad. In fact, it makes them kind of cool!

Black cats are just like any other cats, so why do they get a special post?

Well, according to statistics, black cats have a harder time being adopted. When I learned about that, it made me really sad. I grew up with black cats and I always thought they were the cutest thing. How could anyone not love them? I mean, look at this little guy:

He just melts my heart. I don’t know who this cat is or where he’s from, but I just want to smoosh his little face!

Now, I might be a cat lover, but Lucy (the heroine from the Vampire Detective Series) isn’t. In fact, if you asked her if she wanted a cat, she would’ve told you no. And then Jester showed up.

He’s a black, blind cat that was left on her doorstep as a clue to a big mystery. So technically, Lucy didn’t adopt him. He adopted her and now he lives in the mansion where he wreaks havoc, sleeps in the sun, and eats tasty fish.

Having him in her life has changed her opinion on cats so much, she even wrote down a little list with ten reasons why black cats are awesome. (You can find the other five on Laura Greenwood’s website)

Now that you remember just how much you love (black) cats, you should go and read Fangs For Nothing and fall in love with Jester and all his cheeky tricks!

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