We’re celebrating what?

It’s #BIWEEK! Today is the first day of the celebration, Bisexual Visibility Day.

Did I know Bisexual Visibility Day was a thing?


But did I know there was a BIWEEK?

Also no.

Will I celebrate it anyway?

Yes!! Dive into your closet and bring out the rainbow flags, the confetti, and your friends! (see what I did there?)

The purpose of this day and the whole week, is to spread awareness about the B in LGBT and gain acceptance of it.

I’d make a lot of statements to combat all the misconceptions and such, but I don’t know if that’s where my strong suit is… So I’ll just make an analogy.

Bisexual people are the omnivores of the rainbow flag. Nothing wrong with liking both meat and vegetables. And in this case, I mean men and women.

There. That’s all I’ve got to say about why bisexuality is just a normal thing. At least, for me it is. Love is love. So hug your bisexual friends, and then hug all your other friends because it’s just nice to be kind. To everyone.

Give a stranger a high-five. Unless they’re creepy and it’s late at night and all that stuff. You know. Be safe too.

Make sure to share this with your friends to spread the love and tell them about #BIWEEK!

That’s it for now. But wow, I say weird things… Omnivores of the rainbow flag? Does that even make sense?

Anywayyyy… What are your thoughts on bisexuality and happy bisexual visibility day. Or should I say… VisiBIlity day?

I’ll be silent now. Bi bi.

(It’s really hard to stop. Sorry. I’ll bihave now.)


Looking for a bisexual heroine, I’ve got one! Just because she’s a wolf-shifter, doesn’t mean that Akira can escape the struggle of liking both men and women. Or in this case… The twins Aspen and Ashleigh. Both gorgeous, both dangerous in their own way.



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