Vampari Dairy 3: Going Down… In London

2 February 2018: Going down in London

Today is an exciting day. Laura Greenwood proposed… to go to the London dungeons together. Torture, murder, and death. How can a girl say no to that?

It’s supposed to be scary and dark. Maybe the perfect place to poke her with my lesbian lance and comfort her if she was scared. Can’t blame a girl for trying, right?

It could have worked, if I wasn’t the one screaming like a little girl every time a shadow moved or a little breeze brushed past me. From Jack the Ripper to the plague, Sweeney Todd and other London stories, the dungeons were a fascinating visit. The actors were brilliant and really made the history come to life.

Little bizarre visiting it with a group of giggly tourists who laughed as they told tragic stories about death, but I went with it. And maybe picked up some fun ideas for my own books. Oh the past was so creative with their torture devices. I wonder which of my characters *ahem, Danny, ahem* will have the honour to meet such cruel fate.

After spending a couple of hours in a dark cave (that’s what she said), back to the present London it was.

I stepped foot in my first bar and was promptly ID when I tried to buy myself a cocktail. Do I really look that young?

But I flash him my Belgian ID and after some calculating, the bartender mixes my mojito. He gives me another weird glance, like he can’t believe I really am old enough and off I go.

Silly UK, I’ve been drinking since I was 16. (And maybe a little before that, the little rebel I was)

Oh, and I got into another debate about tea. They really, really, really love their tea over here. I wonder if I should start carrying teabags with me in case I get into a fight. Would throwing teabags help difuse a situation?

But yeah, I’d call it another successful day in London. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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