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NEW RELEASE: The Vampire Detective

    Fangs For Nothing: The Vampire Detective 1 Some would say there are no real uses for vampires left in this world. Children aren’t frightened by them, they won’t open cans with their teeth, and coffins have gone out of style. But some circles, particularly, 

Grimm’s Dweller (SAMPLE)

GRIMM’S DWELLER: CHAPTER 1 (A.X. Tape) Why do certain stories pass the test of time while others fade as soon as they’re written? Many people before you have have wondered about that, especially storytellers. But maybe it’s time I let you in on a little 



JJ wouldn’t. But arranged marriages are Earth Dragon custom and if there’s one they love, it’s tradition.

Before JJ binds herself to an unknown spouse, she wants to meet Pete first, the dragon she met through her online game. Just to make sure she doesn’t like him.

But what if she does?


Bound Soul is a co-write between USA Today Bestselling Authors Laura Greenwood and Arizona Tape. The series features around a really cool bar, Dragon Soul, where they break convention and promote the unusual.

Bound Soul has some returning characters from the other Dragon Soul books and the connected Twin Soul Universe, but can be read entirely as a stand-alone!

My Own Human

My Own Human is Arizona Tape’s most popular series. If you’re looking for an intricate and beautiful romance between vampire and human, you won’t be disappointed. Ade and Heather’s romance dances on the edge between their two civilisations. Their love isn’t just forbidden, it’s impossible. 

Achievement unlocked: USA Today Bestselling Author

Wednesday 12 September 2018 Today marks the day that Royal&Reckless hit the USA Today Bestselling List at #125! To celebrate there was champagne, tipsy Ari, and a bunch of updated graphics. In gaming fashion, we’ll call this “Achievement unlocked”! Buy it now and read Twisted