OUT NOW: Play To Kiss (Twisted Princesses #1)

OUT NOW: Play To Kiss (Twisted Princesses #1)

The Twisted Princesses #1.

The familiar rush of adrenaline danced through my veins as I breathed in the heartbreak on my last victim’s face. She’d been far too easy to seduce, but still, the devastation in her eyes excited me. For a moment, I dropped my carefully sculpted mask and flashed her a smile. My real smile.

Her heart broke all over again as I shattered her beautiful illusion of me. She would never trust again. Oh, how it enthralled me. Their pain was addicting and I just couldn’t get enough. But who to play with next?


Two twisted princesses play a game of life and death, each daring the other who can do worse. It’s romantic, it’s dangerous, it’s a recipe for disaster and they love it. Determined to let nothing stop them from getting the crown, not even each other, Zafira and Jade will do anything to win.


Play To Kiss is the first book in the Twisted Princesses Trilogy. This is a twisted romance with darker themes and a lesbian romance. Books are recommended to be read in order.

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The Twisted Princesses

  1. Play To Kiss
  2. Play To Kill
  3. Play To Keep

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