Not Today: Chapter 1

A lesbian romance BY ARIZONA TAPE

I stared at the flyer in my hand and followed the laughing and dancing people down the street. It was surprisingly crowded for a regular Monday evening, but it didn’t feel like a different scene than the usual nights. Somehow, that was reassuring. Nobody would guess who I was or where I was going.

Rainbow Central, friendly bar by day and raging club by night. Or so I heard. I hadn’t actually visited the place, but my temptation grew every day, aided by my dry spell and the lack of any kind of love life.

A neon sign flickered and two girls stumbling out of the club introduced a window of loud music. The bouncer followed the women with his eyes, but it didn’t seem malicious or even predatory. Another reassurance.

I paused at the entrance and searched through my pockets for a smoke. The cigarette would calm my nerves and give me a moment to check out the place. The dark windows concealed everything going on inside, except for a figure dancing against it. The sensual sway of a woman’s body grinding against the glass was both inviting and intimidating. Would I be out of place? Did I look alright?

Was I hoping to dispel the rumours about this being a sex club or did I want to confirm it with my own experience? Only time would tell.

I took a drag from my cigarette and snuck a peek at my own reflection in the window. The neon light accentuated my sharp features and even in the dark, my eyes were shimmering slightly. I looked… Presentable?

The giggle of the two women pulled me out of my own thoughts and despite myself, I stared at the two. The darker brunette pressed the shorter one against the wall and without a care in the world, kissed her like nobody was watching. Which would have been true if it hadn’t been for me.

With blushing cheeks, I averted my eyes. I wasn’t used to such open displays of affection between people of the same gender. I certainly didn’t want them to mistake me as a pervert or someone judging their sexuality. Not when I appreciated the female form myself. And the male form. I couldn’t forget about them either.

I took a last drag from my cigarette and threw it to the ground. No more hesitating. I came here to find someone to fuck me. I’d just have to see whether this was the place or not.

I ignored the bouncer as I pushed into the club, hoping I wouldn’t lose my nerve. I’d been living in this city for two months and hadn’t even made any new friends yet, let alone find someone to warm my bed. It was time to suck it up and mingle.

The floor stuck to my shoes and the dancing bodies made it harder to find my way to the bar. There were a couple of men grinding against each other in a dark corner and some women dancing sensually on top of a raised bar. Apart from them, most people seemed to be dancing and drinking. Just like a regular club.

That was a relief, but mostly a disappointment.

I wrestled through the sea of swaying people and bopped along with the beat towards the bar. A slender man with dazzling white teeth placed a cardboard coaster down. “What can I get you?”

“Ummm…” Why hadn’t I thought about this before? “A beer?”

“Coming up. Two-twenty.”

Two-twenty? Nice and cheap. I dropped the coins in his hand and took a quick sip from the beer. The bitter taste assaulted my tongue and I understood why it was that cheap. It was no good.


I turned towards the voice behind me and stared into a pair of grey eyes. “Hi?”

“First time here?”

I nodded awkwardly. “Yes. Is it that obvious?”

“You got a beer. Rookie mistake.” The brunette turned towards the bar and caught the eye of the slender man. “Simon. Two rainbows.”

The bartender, Simon, nodded and prepared the multi-coloured drinks with a lot of flair. Something he was clearly used to doing then.

The brunette pushed one of the glasses towards me and shot me a smile that somehow seemed familiar. “Here. Much better.”

“Thanks. How much do I owe you?” I reached for my purse, but the brunette halted my arm. Her hand was warm around my wrist and her touch was pleasant.

“It’s on me.”

“Oh. Thank you.” Did these things really happen? How did I catch this gorgeous woman’s eye in this mass of beautiful and sweaty people?

“I’m Nix.” She lifted her hand from my wrist but held it out towards me.


“I know.” The brunette chuckled and despite the loud music, I heard it.

“You do?” I frowned as the suspicion set in. What was going on? Was I getting punked?

Nix pushed her hair up in a ponytail and accentuated more of her sharp jawline by doing so. A sparkle passed through her grey eyes and the familiarity of them drew an old memory to the surface. A memory of someone I used to know.

“Nicola?” Her name felt strange on my tongue, mostly since I hadn’t used it for a good while. Not since high school.

“Right on the money, although now, I go by Nix.”

I bit my lip hesitantly as I studied the woman in front of me. The memories associated with her face weren’t particularly good ones. Especially the ones where my friends used to tease her about liking girls, long before I discovered my own preferences.

“You look surprised to see me.” Nix gestured at herself. “Why? You always assumed I was a lesbian.”

“My friends assumed so,” I defended myself, but even I heard how weakly that sounded. There was no denying it, I never did much to stop the teasing or the name-calling.

“And now you’re here. Who would’ve thought?” She chuckled throatily and only then, realised just how close she was standing next to me. Close enough that I felt her breath on my cheek and heard the soft rumble of her laughter. One of her hands was resting on my waist and I wondered if that was just something she did casually. Or… Was she flirting with me?

“I just heard so much about Rainbow Central, I wanted to check it out.” I hid behind my drink as I studied Nicola. Nix. Her nickname suited her, certainly with her sharp jawline and the steely eyes that seemed to see right through me. She used to wear a lot of black clothes in high school that hid her figure, but the dress she wore accentuated the curve of her hip. She was beautiful and tempting, despite me having no chance with her.

“What do you think so far?”

“Looks like a regular club to me.”

“That’s because you haven’t seen the backroom.”

Backroom? “What?”

Nix chuckled. “What?”

“Backroom?” What sort of thing did I have to imagine when she said that?

“Are you new in town?” she asked, ignoring my question.

I nodded. “Sort of. I moved here a couple of months ago.”

“I see. So… What really brings you to Rainbow Central?”

I chewed my lip in hesitation. I couldn’t possibly tell her the truth, but then… If I didn’t, how would I get what I wanted?

The brunette pulled her eyebrow as she sipped from her drink. “You don’t have to tell me.”

“I came here to get laid,” I blurted out.

That silenced Nix. She studied me from top to toe and I didn’t know whether she was judging or appraising me.

“Is that so?”

“Yeah.” Was that weird? Should I not have said? What was I doing?”

She clacked her tongue. “I can help with that.”

“Really?” I frowned. “Why?”

A flicker of amusement passed through her eyes, sparkling up the silver. “Why not?”

“What about high school?”

Nix shrugged. “What about it? We’re done with that and you clearly don’t have a problem with lesbians anymore.”

“Ummm…” I hesitated, even though I wasn’t sure why. Nix had matured into a fine woman and with her grey eyes and sharp features, she was a looker. Whether she was a good fuck or not, I would only find out if I went there.

She took another sip from her drink. “The offer stands. Unless you want to look around a little more.”

Was everyone so nonchalant about casual sex? Would I find a better-looking woman tonight or would I just lose my nerve if I stayed? Why wouldn’t I take Nix up on her offer? That was why I was here, right? To fuck.

“No, I want to,” I said. To prove my point, I pulled her into me and captured her in a kiss. The brunette froze for a moment before she relaxed and answered with a kiss of her own. An undeniable tension sparked between us, one that I would never have predicted. It was hot, scalding, rippling with desire and passion.

The sensation was odd, foreign, unexpected from a stranger. But by any measure, it was undeniable.

I chuckled against her lips and she broke the kiss.

Confusion passed through her eyes. “What?”

“Nothing. If only my high school friends could see me now.”

“I’m sure they’d shit their pants,” Nix laughed. She kissed me again and I let myself get lost in the way her plump lips pressed against mine. Her tongue darted along my bottom lip and I granted her entrance. I was no longer thinking about how I looked or if I fitted into the crowd. All I knew, was that I had a beautiful woman pressed against me that wanted to kiss me. More than that, she wanted to fuck me. And I was down for that.

“Do you want to see the backroom now?” Nix breathed into the kiss.

“Yes,” I admitted. I no longer cared what that even meant, I wasn’t thinking straight anymore.

With a dry mouth, I slipped my hand in hers and she pulled me through the rows of dancing people. Bodies pressed into mine. Arms, legs, hands, heads. A tall guy smiled down at me and another let his eyes travel up and down my body. A girl in the corner smiled as I passed and another invited me for a little dance.

Nix pulled me through so fast, I didn’t have time to talk to anyone else. Not that I wanted to. My heartbeat quickened just at the idea of being alone with the brunette in a quiet back room. Even in high school, I thought she was cute. Now, she was stunning. Tempting. Sexy. I wanted to touch her and override any bad memories from the past with new, steamy scenes that would make a priest blush.

The rusty door in the back of the club shrieked open and Nix pulled me into the dark. The metal slammed shut and reduced the music to a faint whisper. The dark provided an element of surprise and the sudden silence enhanced my heartbeat in my ears.

Nix pulled me along a staircase and into a maze of hallways and corridors. Our footsteps and ragged breath echoed against the walls as she led me further and further away from the music.

“Welcome to the backroom.”

This is the first chapter of my upcoming book Not Today. I’ll be posting a couple more chapters in the next couple of days, so keep a look out for those!

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