No ghostwriters behind Arizona Tape (Sprinkles)

There’s been a whole lot of uproar in the book community about plagiarising, ghostwriters, lawsuits and all that stuff.

I know, I know, I’m late to the party, but I wanted to make one post about it and that’ll be it.

I’m a storyteller and writer at heart. I have metaphorical ink in my veins and carry the seeds of my stories in my head. Every book I write has a part of my soul in it. Every book with my name on is written by me. Except for co-written projects, which are only written half by me and half by the other author I’m working with.

I don’t use ghostwriters because, for me, the best part of being an author is: being a writer.

I come up with characters while riding the bus, I flesh out plots while brushing my teeth. I sit down in front of my laptop for the best part of the day to turn the figments of my imagination into books.

I’m a writer first, author second. I’m not in this business because I think there’s a lot of cash in it. I’m doing what I do because writing is my passion and I want to have a life that celebrates that.

Every book that you buy from me, affects my life directly. It pays my bills, it keeps me from living under a bridge, and it funds my next books.

As a reader, you have the power to support hardworking authors by reviewing their books, by buying them, and by not supporting pirate websites or plagiarising thieves.

If you love books, love the people who make them.

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