Why a black cat can change your life

Black cats bring bad luck, according to urban legends. They’re associated with witches and mischief, which might sound damning… But when you’re a paranormal/fantasy author or reader, it’s not really that bad. In fact, it makes them kind of cool! Black cats are just like 

No ghostwriters behind Arizona Tape (Sprinkles)

There’s been a whole lot of uproar in the book community about plagiarising, ghostwriters, lawsuits and all that stuff. I know, I know, I’m late to the party, but I wanted to make one post about it and that’ll be it. I’m a storyteller and 

Sprinkles and Cakepop (my girlfriend)

I’m a private person, I’ve always been. However, I want to share some more personal things with you, starting with Cakepop, my girlfriend. People might think that being an author is a lonely career, but there are a surprising amount of people involved, behind the 

Hello, world! (Introducing Sprinkles, the rainbow bat)

If you’ve been following the rainbow bat, you know it’s my personal bat signal for rainbow content. Now I’ve taken this a step further and I’m introducing, Sprinkles. This little rainbow bat will come attached with some of my more personal stories. Most of them 

The gold of 2018

2019. The first Harry Potter book was published over 21 years back. We’re closer to 2030 than 2000. We’ve lived with Facebook for 15 years now and have been swiping left on Tinder for almost 7 years. That first step on the moon? 50 years 

Vampari Diary 6: Last of London

5 February 2018: last of London I picked up a lisp. Somewhere, somehow, I picked up a lisssp while talking Englissh… I hardly recognissse my own accent and I’ve only been here for a couple of daysss. How utterly bizarre. Have any non-native speakersss experienced 

Vampari Diary 5: China in London?

4 February 2018: China Town? London is exhausting. So many new impressions, so many rude people, so much underground hopping. For today, I decide to have a day in and sleep and watch Netflix. However, I treat myself to a massive order of takeaway food. 

Vampari Diary 4: London VS Belgium

4 February 2018: London VS Belgium The British weather is finally living up to its reputation. The grey sky pisses barely-rain over me all day and it never relents. It’s not enough rain to actually get an umbrella out for, but it’s enough rain to soak 

Vampari Dairy 3: Going Down… In London

2 February 2018: Going down in London Today is an exciting day. Laura Greenwood proposed… to go to the London dungeons together. Torture, murder, and death. How can a girl say no to that? It’s supposed to be scary and dark. Maybe the perfect place 

Vampari Diary 2: London Where?

February 2017: London where? When I say ‘holiday’ I really just mean: spend lots of money to travel to a beautiful city, just to stay in and work inside a hotel room. I would love to tell you that’s an over exaggeration, but today was