Partridge In The P.E.A.R

Lucy Partridge is going to show the universe that she can be the commander of a spaceship. If only her crew on the P.E.A.R. weren’t so sexy and distracting…

A Sci-Fi reverse harem set in a rather pear-shaped spaceship.


Partridge In the P.E.AR. is co-written with Skye MacKinnon



Did you know?

  • The Flock lovingly refers to the book as ‘pear’
  • All the men are named after trees, which Arizona only realised a good chunk into writing.
  • It was first published in the 12 Days of Christmas anthology (because Laura Greenwood told Skye and Arizona they were doing it)
  • Partridge in the P.E.A.R is currently the only co-write between Arizona and Skye