Being Bi: A Group Interview (The Rainbow Table)

A group interview about bisexuality in honour of bi awareness day.


Akira (My Winter Wolf) 

Ade (My Own Human)

Harper (Not Today)

Lola (Renegade Dragons)

Lucy (The Vampire Detective)

Marcus (Half Soul)

Politely declined: Cara (The Love Pill)

Brooding over her egg: Ayra (Twin Soul Trilogy)

Stuck in space: Lucy (Partridge In The Pear)


Interviewer: Welcome to the first Arizona Tape group interview around the Rainbow Table. Can you please all introduce yourselves?


Lola: Do we have to? Doesn’t everyone know us yet?

Lucy: Umm… Not everyone is as popular as you are.

Lola: I wouldn’t call myself popular, I just have a lot of love in my life.

Lucy: Gross.

Marcus: Why am I the only guy?

Lucy: Because you’re the only male main character.

Marcus: Ah, I’m carrying the team then! It’s a good thing I’m so manly.

Lola: … Sure.

Ade: You all know each other or something?


Interviewer: Guys, focus, please. Introductions?


Lola: Fine, I’ll start. I’m Lola, I’m a fire dragon living in Dragon Soul with my four mates. Three guys and one girl, so I suppose that makes me bi?

Lucy: I don’t want to. Also, why did we have to do this during the day? 

Ade: So you’re a vampire that doesn’t like sunlight?

Lucy: Oh, it has nothing to do with that. I just wish I was asleep. Alone. Without people climbing in my window.

Ade: What? Why are people coming in through your window?

Lucy: Long story. 


Interviewer: Focus.


Marcus: I’ll go next then! I’m Marcus, half-vampire, and I’ve certainly enjoyed tasting both flavours of the rainbow. I might’ve done a little more than tasting, to be honest. But that’s all in the past. I’m currently engaged to the most beautiful water dragon. Her name is Zara and she’s perfect.

Lola: Wait! You and Zara got engaged?

Marcus: Oops, no. I forgot I haven’t asked her yet, but I got the ring.

Lola: Ooooh, that’s so exciting!

Lucy: Congratulations.

Ade: Wow, you guys are talkative… 

Lucy: Then you talk.

Ade: Well, I’m Ade, I’m a vampire. I like people. That’s it.

Marcus: Wouldn’t that make you pan then?

Ade: … All your human labels are exhausting me.

Lucy: Then why are you here?

Ade: Someone said there was cake. I’ve never had cake before.

Akira: I could eat cake. I love cake.

Lola: I think it’s your turn to introduce yourself.

Akira: Oh, right. Hi, I’m Akira, I’m a wolf. I thought it was uncommon that I had two mates, but from what I’m hearing, I’m not the only one?

Lucy: Only two? Lucky!

Lola: I wish I only had to deal with two mates. There’s always so much laundry and I don’t even have to do it! Rachel takes care of it, but wow, she hates it.

Akira: I’m only involved with one of them though. Ashleigh is my primary. My other… I— I don’t think I can talk about that. But there was another guy.

Harper: I’m still processing everything. Vampires, werewolves, and dragons are real?

Akira: Actually, I prefer to be called ‘wolf shifter’.

Harper: … Is there a difference?

Akira: Yes. Labels matter. Isn’t that why we’re here?

Harper: I suppose so. 

Harper: I still can’t believe paranormals exist. That’s so insane. I’d rather talk about that than being bi! 


Interviewer: That’s not why we’re here. We have a couple of questions for you all to answer. To start it all, what’s it like being attracted to both genders?


Lola: Confusing, I guess. In my community, we’re all expected to be with men. It’s super unusual to have a female mate, so it took me a long time to realise. I mean, Rachel was my best friend for years before I figured out that I ‘liked liked’ her.

Lucy: Hang on a second, I just remembered, I’m not attracted to both genders. I’m only dating men.

Lola: You’re here though… I guess you’ve got something fun coming up then.

Lucy: Fangs. I already have my hands full with Watson, William, and Derek. Adding in someone else… Well, then my answer is that being attracted to both genders is exhausting. Oh, wait, no. That’s being poly. Being poly is exhausting. 

Marcus: Can we not talk about my brother? It’s weird.

Lucy: Fine.

Akira: For me, there were different things I liked in both the guy and girl, even though they were really similar. I don’t know if it was a personal thing because they were twins or if it’s a gender thing though.

Marcus: You dated twins? Kinky.

Akira: It wasn’t like that.

Marcus: Yes, yes, that’s what we all say. But I agree with you, there are different things that catch my eye when it comes to guys and girls. I like that rugged handsomeness from men and there’s a certain comfort being with someone similar to you. But with women, they’re just so good at affection and there’s a lot more talking.

Lola: We are very chatty indeed.

Marcus: Don’t I know it. Especially Zara. She really appreciates when I listen though.

Lola: You’re such a good boyfriend. You should train Hector to be better at listening. That man always has his head half in the clouds, thinking about his next project.

Marcus: But he means well. 

Lola: I know, I know. He’s adorable.

Lucy: If you’re going to do a listening seminar, I know someone who could sign up for that.


Interviewer: Ahem.


Lola: Sorry. We just haven’t seen each other in a while. Hey, Marcus, Lucy, drinks later in Dragon Soul? First round is on me. And well, so is the rest because it’s my bar.

Marcus: I’m down. I was going to pick Zara up from work anyway.

Lucy: I’ll think about it.

Ade: When do I get my cake?

Akira: Can I come too?

Harper: I would like to own a bar. What’s that like?

Lola: Lots of hard work. Even with five of us, there’s always something that needs cleaning or tidying. We’re always out of toilet paper, even though we buy the family packs, and there’s always something that needs fixing. But the booze is awesome. I’m still a little hungover from last night. We did shots of fire rum.

Harper: Fire rum? Never had that, but I do like a good cocktail. There’s a bar I got to often, Rainbow Central, they make the most amazing drinks. 

Lola: Is it a human bar?

Harper: Yes. I mean… I assume so.

Lola: I’ve never been to a human bar.

Harper: I’ve never been to a dragon bar.

Lucy: I don’t really like bars. Too many people, sticky floors, and all that grinding that you young kids are doing… That’s not for me.

Harper: Young kids? You’re not that much older than me.

Lucy: I’m a hundred-and-twenty-five.

Harper: Wow.

Ade: Wait, so I’m the oldest here?

Harper: Are you all a hundred and something?

Lola: Nope. Twenty-five.

Akira: I just turned twenty.

Marcus: A gentleman never tells.


Interviewer: Can we stay with the question? Unless nobody has anything more to say about it, then we’ll move on.


Lola: Let’s move on.


Interviewer: Okay then. How and when did you all realise you liked both?


Lola: Well, I met this group of men and I was instantly drawn to them. With Rachel, I think I always kind of knew.

Lucy: You just said it took you a long time to realise.

Lola: I’ll rephrase. It took me a long time to accept it, but I knew there was something more than friendship. 

Lucy: Alright then.

Lola: What about you?

Lucy: I don’t know anything. I’m just going with the motion.

Lola: So you’re saying you’ve never felt any attraction to a woman before? No sparks when they touch your skin, no butterflies in your stomach?

Lucy: …

Lola: You totally have felt it! Who is it?

Lucy: Why are we still talking about me? Let’s ask the others.

Marcus: My little Marcus made it clear for me.

Lucy: Gross…

Lola: That’s too much information.

Marcus: What? That’s just how I knew. I’d look at a guy and I felt that tingle in the pit of my stomach. I’d look at a girl and I’d feel the same.

Ade: This conversation is so useless. Everyone is meant to be with all genders, it’s just the natural way of things. If you live as long as I do, then you get bored of just one thing.

Harper: What if you don’t live as long as you though?

Ade: Same thing. I don’t get what the big deal is about this bi-week. In my world, we don’t even have words for all this. We just call it love.

Harper: Well, things are a little different here in this world. Lots of people don’t accept bisexuality, even the rainbow community finds it hard. They say we’re all sluts or cheaters just because we like both.

Ade: Really?

Harper: Yes. They say we’re greedy and can’t choose.

Lola: … Sorry.

Lucy: My bad.

Akira: I made a choice, although it was hard. But being bi doesn’t mean you’re automatically poly.

Marcus: I’m not. Sharing isn’t my thing. I’d be too jealous.

Harper: I’m not sharing and I don’t want to be shared either.

Lola: I guess it’s just really different for me. As fire dragons, we naturally have multiple partners.

Lucy: It’s quite common for us to share as well. Actually, I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t have a little affair or fling on the side. Well, except for the guys I’m involved with. They’re all adamant I’m the only one for them.

Lola: And between all of them… There’s no…?

Lucy: Fangs, no. I don’t think they’d ever look at each other that way, although there’s a weird bromance between Watt and William. You know, if they ever got drunk enough. Maaaaybe, once, to try?

Marcus: That’s too much information.

Lucy: Sorry. I won’t mention how Derek likes to be spanked.

Marcus: Lucy!

Lucy: Kidding. 

Ade: So none of your partners mingle with each other?

Lucy: No.
Lola: Never. My mates see each other as family. It would be super creepy if they did something.

Harper: The point is, being bi doesn’t equal being poly. 

Lola: Oh, totally. Those two have nothing to do with each other.


Interviewer: Glad we got that settled. Let’s move on to the next question. Do you like guys and girls equally or is there a scale?


Marcus: Hmmmm… That’s a tough question. For me, I’m very in the middle. But then I met Zara and it didn’t matter anymore. 

Lola: I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about it. I just like who I like.

Lucy: I’m more into men, for sure. 

Harper: I actually lean towards girls, but I’ve always had the belief that my perfect partner could be either, so… That’s why I call myself bi.

Akira: I’ve only really liked the people that were my mates. To be honest, if something happened to Ash, I’m not sure I’d ever be attracted to anyone ever again. 

Ade: I’ve said it before, I just like people.

Lucy: Yes, yes, we’ve established you’re actually pan. Those are two different things though.


Interviewer: What do you think is the main difference between being bi and pan?


Harper: I think it might be to do with the society we live in? I like my men to have, what I see as, male qualities and the other way around for women. Doesn’t mean I don’t mind some overlap and I do think certain roles are interchangeable. I just… Men and women are different to me and what I feel for them is different. It’s like… Oooh and aaah.

Lola: I agree. I feel different things for Rachel than for my other mates. It’s the same intensity, but it’s another scale. 

Marcus: I feel the same as the others. I want other things from men and women and I feel they both give me different things too.

Lucy: I think I need to do some more research into all this, to be honest.


Interviewer: That’s fair. There are so many shades and variations, sometimes it’s not always clear which label fits best. That actually brings me to my last question. Do you think labels are important? Do you tell people you’re bi or not? Why?


Lola: Labels help with expectations. I wish the fire community had been more open about the fact that women can have female mates, and men can have male mates. Even if it’s really rare for us, I’m sure there are some people that have missed out on love because they thought it was wrong.

Lucy: I don’t tell anyone anything. It’s my business.

Marcus: I’m proud to be bi.

Harper: I’m more careful with it. I usually use ‘gay’ as an umbrella term. In the end, it’s not really anyone’s business except for my partner’s. 

Akira: I think love is love. 

Harper: So true. I do wish I’d grown up being taught to recognise my feelings and understand that flutter more, instead of being presented with the image of the perfect man. For instance, once I realised I liked both and looked back on my life, there were so many friends that I clearly felt more for than just friendship, but I never had the opportunity to explore any of that because I didn’t understand those feelings, and I’m an overthinker. It feels like society cares more about what love looks like from the outside than what it feels like within. 

Marcus: Well said. 

Ade: You care a lot about all this stuff.
Harper: My girlfriend finds it really important. She’s a rainbow advocate. I got into all of it because of her.

Lola: So society is hard for humans too then?

Harper: Yeah, you can say that again.

Lucy: I think it’s hard regardless of sexuality though.

Harper: True… But there are certain issues that you don’t run into if you’re straight.

Marcus: To be fair, straight people can’t choose not to be straight. It’s not their fault they’re the majority.

Ade: … For now. I’m from the future, I can tell you one thing. Things are changing. 

Marcus: That’s true. I look forward to a time where it’s more acceptable to be bi, or gay, or whatever you want to be.

Harper: Me too. I guess the only way to get there is for people like us to pave the way. To live our lives, out and proud. If we don’t stand up for ourselves, then nobody else is going to.

Marcus: I agree. That’s why we’re doing this interview, right?


Interviewer: Correct and it’s really appreciated! I think that’s all for now. Thank you for coming and talking about this.


Marcus: My pleasure!

Lola: It got me out of cleaning duty, so thank you.

Lucy: No problem. Next time, schedule it at night though.

Ade: Are we done now?

Akira: I think so. 

Harper: Well, it was nice to meet you all. 

Lola: Likewise. So, does anyone want to come back for a drink?

Marcus: I’m in.

Harper: Will I be safe as a human?

Lola: Yes!

Lucy: I’ve actually got a lot of work to do, so maybe another time.

Ade: I’ll pass.

Akira: I suppose one drink wouldn’t hurt… Although not too long. Ash is waiting for me.

Lola: Alright! To Dragon Soul we go!


Interviewer: Can I come too?
Interviewer: …
Interviewer: Guys…?
Interview: I guess not then… Pff… Next time, I’m inviting other people.


— End of interview —

Did you like the first interview around the Rainbow Table? Would you like to see more group discussions? If so, let us know who you’d like to see and what you’d like discussed! We’ll do it! 🙂

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