Are you living the Rainbow Life?

Are you living the rainbow life? Read these signs and see whether you relate!

– All (or almost all) your friends are gay, bi, lesbian, trans, … and that’s also how you met them.

– All (or almost all) the parties you go to are… rainbow parties!

– All (or almost all) the places you visit are rainbow friendly.

– You’re part of a rainbow student club, union, …

– You go to the gay Pride if you can.

– You talk a lot about your sexuality. A LOT.

– Your dating pool is the same as those of your friends. Your friend’s ex has an ex that you like and your ex is dating your ex’ ex. It’s considered only mildly strange because as you quickly notice, everyone does know everyone. (within reasonable distance)

– You’re coming out all the time to the new people in your life and they’re coming out to you. You get more positive responses than ever.

Or if you’re still in the closet/live in a small town where you can’t do all these things:

– Being part of the rainbow is the biggest aspect of your (current) life. This can involve you wanting to connect with other like-minded people, seeking out online communities, watching/listening to rainbow advocates, supporting the rainbow community in your own way, … Although I would call this Rainbow Lite?

Ticking most of the boxes? Then you’re probably part of the rainbow community and big chances are that you know it too! It’s not a hidden life. On the contrary, it’s about finally coming out of hiding. Painting your face with rainbow colours, dancing under the rainbow flag, and finally finding your people.


Simple… It’s the “gay scene”, “lesbian life”, “the LGBT world”, …  A vibrant network and community of people that love someone of the same gender, both genders, or all and everything around and in between. But it’s more than just being gay or identifying as bisexual. It’s about celebrating it in your day to day life.

It’s crazy fun and you wouldn’t believe it’s real until your living it. It’s like everything you see in the movies and read in books, but better. Brighter. And it’s one hell of a ride.

If you’re intrigued in this rainbow life or are looking for a trip down memory-lane, pre-order my new book Not Today and dive into the rainbow life with Harper. She’s trying to juggle a new romance, make new friends, and attend her classes at university all at the same time. She’s new at the rainbow scene, but ready for an adventure. Are you?


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