Samantha Rain Mysteries

The Case Of The Night Mark

When Detective Samantha Rain gets bitten by a hellhound, she’s forced into the magical world of the Nox, night creatures living in secret between humans. Vampires, Will-O-Wisps, and much more uncommon types hide in a world that runs on oaths, blood, and death.

Unsure of whom she can trust, she has no choice but to rely on Lilith, heir of the Will-O-Wisp clan. Samantha has to earn her protection by solving a missing person’s case that could change the future.

If she doesn’t succeed, she’ll pay with her life.


The Case Of The Night Mark is an Urban Fantasy Mystery with a lesbian romance in the background.


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The Case Of The Puppy Academy

Mystery. Mischief. Magical Puppies.

Even hellhounds need training.

When Samantha Rain takes her hellhound to school, she hoped to be surrounded by adorable magical puppies. Instead, she finds herself at the heart of a mystery and she’s forced to investigate a jewellery thief. With all the important people at the Puppy Academy, she can’t afford to step on any toes… or paws.

This story is a “prequel” of sorts, an introduction to a new book and world. This freebie will give you a taste of what’s to come in the Case Of The Night Mark. You’ll get to meet the two main characters, Lilith and Samantha, and of course, Shadow, the hellhound.

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Name: Shadow

Current Age: 7 weeks

Species: Hellhound

Breed: Blue Wisp

Warden: Samantha Rain

Special skills: Unknown