My Winter Wolf

Akira travels through the Aladwin Forest to find a sacred Stone. Instead, she finds Ashleigh and Aspen, her two soulmates. Determined to only love one, Akira struggles to overcome her primal urges and pitfalls so she can be with the one she desires.

Can Akira promise her heart to Ashleigh or will Aspen’s call steal her from the one she wants?

Book 1: Wolf’s Whisper

The Rafe clan long lost their ability to shift into their true wolf form. Akira is one of the few still born with one. Only every seven years, one person can free their animal. This year, it’s supposed to be Akira’s turn to become the Winter Wolf. But for this ritual, she needs the blessing from the Winter Stone. Which has gone missing. Just her luck.


Book 2: Wolf’s Echo

After Akira’s first howl, her existence as a wolf-human hybrid isn’t as easy or natural as she always hoped it to be. Torn between mind and body, she fights against herself, her enemies, and her lovers.

Will she get to the Winter Stone in time? And if so, at what cost?


Book 3: Wolf’s Howl 

Mated to Ashleigh, Akira has a new purpose in life. Her journey to the East continues, but the danger isn’t over. Not when Aspen keeps stirring up trouble. But the end is in sight and this is not the time to give up.


A Squad Of Wolves

Responsible for the death of her best friend, Danny has been on the run ever since. But now her friend has come back from the dead to haunt her. Literally.

With everything at stake, Regan must face the consequences of his choices and fight the person trying to steal his wolf. It would be so much simpler if the thief wasn’t his mother.

Back at the Keep, a crown and a woman await Darren’s return. Neither are eager to let him go, even if there are lives at stake. What’s a crown prince to do?

The funny thing about the past is that it always comes back around. And for JP, that is in the form of the Butcher. There’s only one way to escape, but that means leaving everything and everyone he loves behind. Is their safety worth the ultimate sacrifice?


Did you know?

A Squad Of Wolves is a sister book to the My Winter Wolf trilogy and features recurring characters like Aspen, Ashleigh, and Akira.

A Squad Of Wolves contains the entire Triple Threat series:

  • Danny’s Dance
  • Regan’s Redemption
  • Darren’s Downfall
  • JP’s Journey


White Wolf, Black Wolf

Yin and yang, black and white, no shadow without the light. Neither can exist without the other. Or can they?

Every story has to begin somewhere and this one begins with one man, two wolf sons, and a beautiful woman.

A brotherly tale where only one man can survive.


White Wolf Black Wolf is a stand-alone origin story attached to My Winter Wolf and A Squad Of Wolves. It can be read entirely on its own.



Did you know?

White Wolf, Black Wolf contains the origin story of all the wolf shifters.