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The Samantha Rain Mysteries (urban fantasy f/f)

1. The Case Of The Night Mark

2. The Case Of the Pixie Deal

3. The Case Of The Ruby Curse

• The Case Of The Puppy Academy

The White Dome (dystopia f/f)

1. Wide Asleep

The Afterlife Academy: Valkyrie (urban fantasy academy f/f)

1. Valkyrie 101 (also in audio)

2. Valkyrie 102

3. Valkyrie 103

4. Valkyrie 104

5. Valkyrie 105

6. Valkyrie 106

• Wings of Grief

The Heir Of The East (completed paranormal academy f/f)

1. Valkyrie’s Oath

2. Valkyrie’s Choice

My Own Human Duology (completed paranormal dystopian f/f romance)

1. My Own Human

2. Your Own Human

• My Own Human Boxed Set

My Winter Wolf Trilogy (completed paranormal fantasy f/f romance)

1. Wolf’s Whisper (also in audio)

2. Wolf’s Echo

3. Wolf’s Howl

4. A Squad Of Wolves (Danny’s Story)

• White Wolf, Black Wolf (Short Story Prequel)

• My Winter Wolf Trilogy Boxed Set

Rainbow Central (new adult f/f romance)

• Love Is For Later

• New Lease Of Love

The Romance Projects (contemporary)

• Project Crush

Twisted Trilogy (dark contemporary f/f romance)

1. Play To Kiss (also in audio)

2. Play To Kill (also in audio)

Standalone Contemporary Titles

• The Love Pill (f/f)

• Four Gamers and Me (Poly with f/f)

• Choosing Her Boxed Set

Standalone Fantasy

• Beyond the Northern Lights

• Grimm’s Dweller

With Laura Greenwood

Twin Souls Trilogy, co-written with Laura Greenwood (completed paranormal romance)

1. Soulswap (also in audio)

2. Soulshift (also in audio)

3. Soultrade (also in audio)

• Twins Souls Boxed Set (also in audio)

Dragon Soul Series, co-written with Laura Greenwood (paranormal romance)

1. Bound Soul

2. Half Soul

3. Torn Soul (Audiobook Available)

Renegade Dragons, co-written with Laura Greenwood (completed paranormal romance)

1. Fifth Soul (also in audio)

2. Fifth Round (also in audio)

3. Fifth Flame (also in audio)

• Renegade Dragons Boxed Set (also in audio)

The Vampire Detective, co-written with Laura Greenwood (completed paranormal mystery)

1. Fangs For Nothing

2. What The Fangs

3. Fangs For All

The Witch and The Detective, co-written with Laura Greenwood (urban fantasy)

1. Hexes and Vexes

With Skye MacKinnon

• Partridge in the P.E.A.R, co-written With Skye MacKinnon (sci-fi romance)

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